As many of you know, Scotty McCreery has a Christmas album out, and he's also one of our sponsors on the Sounds of Christmas.  In fact, he even sent me a box of CDs to give away!
Here's how you can win a CD prize pack from the Sounds of Christmas, featuring "Christmas With Scotty McCreery"...

Beginning Monday, December 3, and continuing every weekday up to Christmas Eve, listen to the Sounds of Christmas for the Scotty McCreery Christmas Song of the Day!  When you hear it, send an email to HERE with the title and artist of the next song that follows that Scotty McCreery song (and SONG OF THE DAY in the subject line).  A winner will be chosen at random from all correct emails.

How will you know which Scotty McCreery song is the Song of the Day?  That will be posted on this website, under the SONG OF THE DAY heading, every morning, with that day's winner added after the song airs.  So you can just click above where it says SONG OF THE DAY and you'll see what the song is, along with a time frame of just when it will be coming up.  There will also be announcements made on the air, telling you which song to listen for and when to be listening!

So starting Monday, December 3, be listening for Scotty McCreery's Christmas Song of the Day to win his new CD!

Feel free to leave any questions or comments about this below.  And let the Scotty McCreery fans you know all about it!

And may you always believe in Santa Claus!




Jimmy Bayless
12/01/2012 17:08

I thank thee for all, mi'lord Ken.
Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all.

06/04/2013 23:22

Dear Ken! Your writing taste excites me every time I read your story or some kind of news! Thanks for sharing..


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